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Complete home and other renovation projects

Upon meeting with you to discuss your renovation needs, we will develop a plan that fully describes a process for project completion.   Realizing that every project is different, we do not provide an in-house architect or space designer.  However, we have many highly skilled professionals that we would be happy to refer you to, if necessary.   Working from start to finish with each customer, Optima Designs will help you explore all possible options necessary for the improvements you wish to make to your home.  Renovations services include carpentry work; drywall placement and or repair; preparation, prime and paint application; plumbing and electrical installation; window, door and roof placement and/or repair.  Every detail will be complete to your satisfaction.

Our highly skilled carpenter and his team can provide any type of wood repair such as rooted wood replacement; siding installation; build a deck, or repair your existing one; kitchen or bathroom cabinet installation; custom molding and built ins; plus a wide range of handyman services.

Our highly qualified paint crews can create a colorful space fro any purpose, starting with any or all rooms in your home as well as exterior finishing.  All surfaces will be fully prepared, to include any necessary repairs, and a primer before the paint application.  Any wood replacement of built in add ons, such as cabinets or molding would be completed by our master carpenter.  

Our capable plumbers will provide bathroom and kitchen repairs; fixture and appliance installation.

Our licensed electricians can wire for your indoor or outdoor needs.  We also offer ceiling fan, light fixtures and new appliance installations.

Windows, Doors and Roofing
Our installers offer complete roof installation or repair, window and/or door replacement.  Gutter guard installation to aid in the prevention of water or ice damage.  

If we have missed anything or you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gordon at 301.529.6198.