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Our First Meeting
Contact us by phone and we will schedule and appointment to meet. Depending on the project size we will determine together, if an architect will be needed.  If so, we can start the selection process before we meet, in the event we wish to include him or her.    At our first meeting, we will discuss your needs, at which time we will want to hear what you wish to accomplish and any special materials that you prefer we use.  We will estimate the costs involved and fax, email or mail the estimate to you shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the testimonials section of this website.

The Next Step

After our first meeting, we prepare a contract outlining each facet of the project, the description of the work process and the initial cost estimate.  At this point, we would ask you to review the contract and cost estimate.  Should any questions arise, feel free to call us.  If you are happy with the contract, we will need your signature and down payment.  At which time we will schedule your project and get started!

The Project and Communication
Once we have contracted to complete your project, we realize that we are providing a personal service and we take our commitment to your satisfaction seriously.  Should ANY issue arrive during any step of the project process, please speak openly with Gordon. The foreman will be at your job every day, with Gordon visiting on a very regular basis, if not every day.  Again, we are committed to your satisfaction and we look forward to building a working relationship that can last for many years.